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Calling All Saints

Therefore God has highly exalted Him and bestowed on Him the name that is above every name, so that at the name of Jesus every knee should bow, in heaven and on earth and under the earth, and every tongue confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father.

                                                                                                                   - Philippians 2:9-11


We are in a period of rapid change that the world has never seen before. In this massive shift, technology plays a critical role. Technology is perhaps the only institution that touches, directly or indirectly, every person on planet Earth. However, in the Christian world, there is a digital divide between technology and ministry. 


Thousands of believers working in technology tackle the world's toughest problems and have the ability to influence billions. Conversely, churches, missions organizations and Christians often do not see technology as part of their circle of influence or prayer. That’s why we need the Global Day of Prayer for Tech. What can happen when prayer and technology unite? His glory manifested in: 

  • The unification of the global Church

  • Digital missionaries deployed across the globe 

  • The exponential growth of the persecuted church

  • The elimination of poverty, cyberbullying, and isolation

  • The eradication of online sex trafficking and the porn industry

  • A revival amongst the Fortune 500 companies


We believe this is possible.


And we believe prayer is the first step. That is where you come in!

Who are we

Pray for Tech is a movement of passionate leaders around the globe honoring Jesus in the technology industry. We are committed to catalyzing communities of prayer to see God’s glory revealed. 



A global prayer community that liberates every Christian in tech to walk in their identity and authority in Christ. To be good stewards of their position, time, skills, and platforms for the sake of the Kingdom of God.

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Prayer Topics


Technology will be used to unify the global Church


Anointing technology for the Kingdom of God


Innovative technology to tackle problems like poverty, bullying, and isolation


Praying for God to provide divine solutions in technology to stop sex trafficking in our lifetime


Redemptive versions of technology for privacy, misinformation and content moderation​


Praying for new redemptive technology to be created for the persecuted Church 


Prayer for tech company leaders and employees, en masse, to encounter Jesus and be saved, and for Godly wisdom to prevail in the tech culture at large. 


4/24 @ 6-7pm (PDT)

Christians from Google and Chris & Summer Shealy

4/24 @ 7-8pm (PDT)

Prayer by Jamie Lyn Wallnau and Worship by Katie Kanelopoulos

4/24 @ 8-9pm (PDT)

Prayer by Thai Lam and Worship by Brenton & Cara Dowdy

4/24 @ 9-10pm (PDT)

Christians from FAMGS :D (Facebook, Amazon, Microsoft, Google & Stanford)

4/24 @ 10-11pm (PDT)

Faith & Work Movement and CenterSet WRSHP

4/24 @ 11pm-midnight (PDT)

Prayers for Tech and the Global Church, led by Alexandra M. and Juanita V. 

4/25 @ 12-1am (PDT)

Singapore Christians from Google & Facebook

4/25 @ 1-2am (PDT)

Microsoft & Friends Singapore Fellowship

4/25 @ 2-4am (PDT)

SIBKL Malaysia /

4/25 @ 4-6am (PDT)

Europe Prayer and Worship Set, led by Julian W. 

4/25 @ 6-8am (PDT)

The Kampung

4/25 @ 8-10am (PDT)

Heidi Baker + Mozambique Worship

4/25 @ 10-11am (PDT)

Christians from Facebook

4/25 @ 11am-12pm (PDT)

Prayer for Digital Missionaries

4/25 @ 12-1pm (PDT)

Mack Brock Worship + Leaders from Facebook and Microsoft

4/25 @ 1-2pm (PDT)

Victory Boyd Worship

4/25 @ 2-4 pm (PDT)

Building bridges across tech and the global Church, featuring IHOPKC and Mamas and Papas of prayer in Silicon Valley and the Global Prayer Movement

4/25 @ 4-6pm (PDT)

Bethel Music Worship + Prayer, w/ special guests from Bethel Tech and Christians at Instagram





April 24-25 6-6pm PDT - San Francisco 

April 25-26 3-3am CEST - Berlin

April 25-26 9-9am SGT - Singapore

April 25-26 11-11am AEST - Sydney


Includes events from partner organizations in our family sowing into tech


  • April. Intl F&WM Virtual Good Friday Worship & Prayer Gathering (response to COVID-19)
  • March. PrayForTech was born.


  • December. F&WM NYC Workplace Worship Night
  • October. Facebook Worship Day (12 hrs) (videos here)
  • August. Passion Talks (blog here), Sunnyvale, CA (@Google)

  • August. Multi-Company Faith and Work Movement Campfire Worship Event (video here)

  • July. Seattle Inter-Company Workplace Worship Night with F&WM and Tech for Christ

  • June. Singapore F&WM Workplace Worship Night

  • June. F&WM Chicago Loop Workplace Worship Night 

  • June. F&WM Workplace Worship Night in Austin, TX

  • April. UBER Grace and F&WM Easter Praise Night at UBER HQ

  • March. Worship Day (12 hrs), Sunnyvale, CA (@Google)

  • March. Facebook Prayer for Digital Missionaries Event (video here)

  • February. Facebook Lunch Worship Event (video here)

  • January. Facebook Lunch Worship Event (video here)


  • November. Worship Day (12 hrs), Mountain View,CA (@Google)
  • August. Passion Talks (blog here), Sunnyvale, CA (@Google)
  • May. F&WM Workplace Worship Nights in San Francisco


  • November. Worship Day (12 hrs), Mountain View,CA (@Google)
  • August. Passion Talks (blog here), Mountain View, CA (@Google)


  • August. Passion Talks (blog here), Mountain View, CA (@Google)
  • July. F&WM multi-company Campfire Worship Night (info here)


  • August. F&WM Silicon Valley cross-company Workplace Worship Night
  • May. Passion Talks (blog here), Mountain View, CA (@Google)
  • January. Passion Talks (blog here), Mountain View, CA (@Google)


  • November. Prayer and Worship Night (2 hrs) (blog here), Mountain View, CA (@Google)